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This year I want to focus on the three 3 E’s: Engagement, Empowerment, and


I believe that TAP can be the vehicle for our members to advocate for the best

learning environment for their students.


Our members need to be ENGAGED! We want to offer as many opportunities for growth and development through CTA/TAP training. We are also dedicated to continuously keeping our members informed of actions and activities that TAP is involved in. We are constantly advocating for our educators, and their work environments, through district meetings, communication with administration, communication with School Board Members and community members. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with our members.


We want our members to be EMPOWERED! We achieve this through educating our members about their rights as a union member and employee, in regards to their contract. It is important that our members know that the contract is there to protect them and maintain a working environment that they can perform their duties to the best of their abilities. We want to empower our members to advocate for their safety and working conditions by providing educational opportunities to support them. 


TAP is dedicated to advocating for EQUITY in our school and our union. It is important to have leaders and educators that reflect the population we serve. We want to provide as many opportunities for individuals of all ethnicities to succeed. Through equity training, our CTA support system, and our REAC Team we are dedicated to continuing to support the growth of diversity in our educational field. 


Paramount is a diverse population that is served by the most dedicated educators around. It is my honor to support them as their TAP president. 


Hello Everyone,

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