Teacher's Association

of Paramount

TAP's Beliefs

  • Free, quality public education is a right for all children.
  • There is an essential connection between our members and students. Therefore, a quality working environment for members equals a quality learning environment for students.
  • TAP members are strong advocates for students who work tirelessly on behalf of students.
  • TAP members deserve to be respected and treated as the professionals they are.

TAP's Purpose

  • Support quality public education​ for all students.
  • Protect our members
  • Promote teachers' professional and legal rights
  • Organize its membership for influence & power
  • New leadership recruitment & training
  • Inform members of benefits

Code of Conduct

  • I will not criticize any union colleague except to the individual directly.

  • If any union colleague is criticized in my presence, I will confront the criticism and ask that it stop.

  • I will settle my differences with union colleagues within the union.

  • I will not participate with any administration that criticize or negatively speculate about a union colleague.

  • I will engage in debate, offer others every opportunity for debate and respect minorty viewpoints, but I will observe and support the majority mandate of my union.

Our Team

Linda Munoz

Member Services Coordinator

Linda Photo.jpg

Linda is the RCUT Member Services Coordinator.  She is here to assist with any membership questions you might have.


She has previous experience within education.

Omar Joseph

RCUT Executive Director

Omar bio pic.jpg

Omar is a graduate of Hanover College and Howard University School of Law.  He has been a lawyer with the California Faculty Association for over nine years and with a union-side labor law firm in New York.


He has extensive experience negotiating contracts and settlement agreements, as well as arbitrating grievances and training union advocates.  

April O'Connor


Melissa Marchesini

Bargaining Chair

Ardelia Aldridge

Vice President

Membership Chair

Marisol Mejia

Vice President

Ardelia "Dee Dee" Aldridge 
Marisol Mejia

Organizing Co-Chairs

Amie Stewart
Isela Griffith-Wu
Shelley Monroe
Alondra Site Reps
Lisa Ferrer
Jill Gutierrez
Buena Vista Site Reps
Sarah Stiles
Lisa Lappin
Collins Site Reps
Daniel Diaz
CDS Site Rep
Marie Dunn
Linda Warren
Elementary Director CDC-2
Christina Soto
Elementary Director 3-5
Heather VanEede

Intermediate Director 6-8

Daniel Hasheminejad
Secondary Director
Maria Lopez

Support Staff Director

Kim Cacpal
Laurie Watkins
Julie Hernandez
District Office Site Reps
Ardelia "Dee Dee" Aldridge
April O'Connor
Kimberly Goforth

CTA St. Council Representatives

Lillian McCance
Sofia Silva
Gaines Site Reps
Leo Rodriguez 

Insurance Chair

Kim Bailey
Gaines - ECE Site Rep
Sandra Gerber
Charla Kanz
Jenara Rivera
Casandra Eakle
Hollydale Site Reps
Maria Parkin
Albert Lopez
Ellie Lopez
Gina Redd
Jefferson Site Reps
Ardelia Aldridge
Roberto Bergamini
Marie Dunn
Josefina Felix
Annemarie Tran
Linda Warren

NEA Representatives

April O'Connor

PAC Chair

Amanda Maberry
Christina Soto
Michele Lewis
Keppel Site Reps
Terri Wright
Lincoln Site Rep
Marysol Rivera
Kari Schavezz
Susan Leon
Los Cerritos Site Reps
Christopher Wolf
Chris Yoshiba-Medeiros
Anna Martinez
Daniel Hasheminejad
Fabiola Barcena
Rochelle Letteer
Annemarie Tran
John Teeples
Josefina Felix
Tammy Harter
Colleen Magera
PHS Site Reps
Stephanie Nutall
Elaine Hoffmann
Natalia Montoya
Jill Van Zant
Mokler Site Reps
Samuel Bark
Manuel Tovar
PAS Site Reps
Denelle Zimmerman
Dolcey Johnson
Paramount Park Site Reps
Glen Jameson
Curtis Duran
Alicia Megofna
Deborah Buerger
PHS West Site Reps
Linda Warren (Diaz)
Emily Hawkins
Monika Manglicmot
Roosevelt Site Reps
Melody Rogers
Ruthanne Shearer
Tanner Site Reps
Casey Kuykendall
Teresa Reno
Judy Bruland
Wirtz Site Reps
Eric Fuller
Amie Stewart
Robin Hicks
Robert Eman
Curtis Duran
Yvonne Nandino
Zamboni Site Reps