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Due to COVID-19...everyone registered to vote in California, will automatically receive a mail in ballot. For more information on voting in the Elections, please visit: General Election Information

Voting Registration

Follow this link to register to vote, as well as check your voter status.

Pre-Register to Vote

Follow this link to pre-register to vote, must be 16 0r 17 years of age.

Election Resources

Follow this link to find resources on Nominees and ballot measures/propositions.

Important Dates:

- September 22:

National Voter Registration Day

November 8

Polls close at 8pm

- High School and Youth Initiatives: Voting Resources for High School students and youth.

- Students Vote Project:

College Students

- Vote-by-Mail Ballots can be dropped off at any polling place on November 3rd. No waiting required.

- Per California's Voter Choice Act, a registered voter can vote at any polling place within their county of registration.

- Due to COVID related set backs, USPS is recommending to return ballot ASAP, stating to prepare for a 14 day turn around. Or drop off at polling place.

Tips for Elections:

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